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Gaining admission to a Service Academy is as much about the process as it is the attributes of the candidate. It is complex—and involves several qualifications which make it far more rigorous than the traditional college application. This is further complicated by the law which mandates how the Air Force Academy, Annapolis, Merchant Marine Academy, and West Point select candidates. As such, Gain Service Academy Admission helps you to navigate the process successfully in order or to gain a coveted appointment. Count on us to help you reach this goal!

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Case Studies

Let the stories speak for themselves.

Case Study 1:

SAT/ACT Score Concerns

Kevin struggles with standardized tests. He has taken the test once and is below the average for a Service Academy applicant. He knows that he needs to maximize the other criteria used to determine the whole candidate score such as the fitness test, athletics and leadership.

Case Study 2:

Nervous about the Interview Process

Jill is an above average student who has solid standardized test scores. However, she gets nervous before interviews and realizes that both the Congressional nomination process and the interview for the Air Force Academy count heavily in determining if she ultimately receives a nomination and appointment.

Case Study 3:

Athlete-Leader credential enhancement

Paul is an excellent student who received over a 1400 SAT score combined early in his junior year. However, he does not have high achievement in high school athletics or in leadership positions. He is concerned that his athlete-leader profile may prevent him from obtaining an admission to West Point despite his high academic scores.


GAIN an air force academy, naval academy, or west point admission

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Telephone conference to develop a strategic way ahead

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Application assistance and review to include essay editing

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Meet the Team

Lieutenant Colonel Robert O. Kirkland
U.S. Army, Retired
Lieutenant Colonel Kirkland was one of the few officers ever to lead two separate Army ROTC programs… read more

Colonel Lee Reynolds
U.S. Army, Retired
Colonel Reynolds served as the Detachment Commander for the University of Southern California… Army ROTC program from 2011-2013…read more

Trisha Dach
U.S. Air Force Veteran
Trisha Dach served 7 years on active duty as an Intelligence Officer. She is a graduate of the class of 2011 of the United States Air Force Academyread more

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