Demystifying the Congressional Nomination to Service Academies

If you are applying to a Service Academy, chances are you need a Congressional nomination!  In this post we break down what a Congressional nomination is and how Members of Congress choose who to nominate. You can find more

Getting Into a Service Academy Prep School: Air Force Academy, Naval Academy, and West Point Prep School 101

Did you know what each of the three Service Academies has a prep school? These prep schools have about an 80% acceptance rate into the Service Academies! This is a great opportunity for students who need additional academic preparation to

6 Things you MUST know about your Service Academy DoDMERB Physical

Medical clearance is an important but confusing part of joining the military. Attending a military academy is no exception.  This article will discuss automatic medical disqualifiers for the Service Academies and break down the entire process. You can also

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