Getting Into a Service Academy Prep School: Air Force Academy, Naval Academy, and West Point Prep School 101

Did you know what each of the three Service Academies has a prep school? These prep schools have about an 80% acceptance rate into the Service Academies! This is a great opportunity for students who need additional academic preparation to

6 Things you MUST know about your Service Academy DoDMERB Physical

Medical clearance is an important but confusing part of joining the military. Attending a military academy is no exception.  This article will discuss automatic medical disqualifiers for the Service Academies and break down the entire process. You can also

Are You Competitive for the Vice Presidential Service Academy Nomination?

Receiving the Vice Presidential Service Academy Nomination is an Honor!  Receiving a nomination from any Service Academy nominating authority is an honor, but the Vice Presidential nomination is extremely competitive. Being selected to receive the VP’s nomination is quite

Congressional Nomination Service Academy Essay Samples

We here at Gain Service Academy Admissions took a sample of essay prompts from Members of Congress and identified the trending essays required.  Here are the most common Congressional nomination Service Academy essay samples with responses along with an

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