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Candidate Fitness Assessment Score Calculator

Whether you’re applying to the Air Force Academy, Naval Academy, or West Point, the Candidate Fitness Assessment (CFA) plays a role in your application process. Use our Candidate Fitness Assessment Score Calculator to predict your performance.

How to Use the Candidate Fitness Assessment Score Calculator

Select your gender, and move the sliders to find out your score. If you are a female, make sure you choose either the pull-up or flexed arm hang button.

Before your official test, practice taking the test in the 6 areas:

  • basketball throw from kneeling position
  • cadence pull-ups or flexed arm hang (female only)
  • shuttle run
  • modified sit-ups
  • push-ups
  • a one-mile run

Make sure you are following the official instructions for each exercise.
Find instructions for each Service Academy here:
Air Force Academy CFA instructions
Naval Academy CFA instructions
West Point CFA instructions

Keep in mind form matters. West Point requires video recordings of your push-up and pull-up/flexed arm hang, so make sure you perform reps correctly to have everything counted.

How to Read Your Score Results

Our Candidate Fitness Assessment score calculator is meant to be used as a tool to help you determine your level of competitiveness. The score provided is an estimate and should be treated as such. 

This CFA score calculator gives you a score out of 800, as this is how West Point scores the CFA (10% of the total points towards admission). The percentile provided is based off of a recently admitted West Point class. For a complete breakdown of the 8000 points awarded, read our guide on West Point’s Whole Candidate Score.

Candidate Fitness Assessment Percentiles at West Point Chart

A “Passing” Score is above 550, as this is the average for recently admitted West Point cadets. It is also scoring greater than 60 in each individual event, as this is estimated to be passing per event.  Anything below is considered “at risk”. Shooting for a minimum of 80 points and above per event is your best bet, but keep in mind that if you only hit 80 points per event you would only score a 480.

If you are applying for the Naval Academy or Air Force Academy, the calculator is still very relevant for helping you determine areas of improvement and giving you an estimated score percentile.

How to Prepare for your CFA

Practice the test events on your own so you know what to focus on.

We recommend Platoon Fitness’ personalized training program, offering 6-months of dedicated support to help you ace the CFA.

51 points
51 points
51 points
61 points
51 points
51 points
51 points
51 points
51 points
51 points
51 points
133 points
51 points
Total Score:

Improve Your CFA Score Now

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