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Air Force Academy Case Study: Fully Qualified

There are many different important aspects to Service Academy admissions. This is one of the most crucial parts of earning an appointment that you must understand - being well-rounded.  It’s easy to focus on strengths and ignore weaknesses.  Students

Air Force Academy SAT Scores

Students planning to apply to the Air Force Academy must place heavy emphasis on their SAT or ACT score if they hope to be successful in earning an appointment. While other colleges are de-emphasizing standardized tests, we have not yet seen

How to Become a Space Force Officer

The Space Force is a branch of the U.S. military that focuses on space-related operations, including satellite communications, missile warning systems, and other space-based technologies. Becoming a Space Force officer requires dedication, hard work, and a strong commitment to

Updated for 2023-2024: Air Force Academy Book

The Air Force Academy is one of the most prestigious institutions of higher learning in the country, offering exceptional academic programs and military training for students who want to serve their country as Air Force officers. However, the admissions

What is the Service Academy Whole Person Concept?

What is the Whole Person Concept? The Whole Person Concept is a holistic approach to evaluating candidates for Service Academy appointments. It means that admission committees take into consideration not just a candidate's academic achievements and physical abilities, but also

How to Earn a Service Academy Letter of Assurance

What is a Letter of Assurance? A Letter of Assurance (LOA) is a conditional appointment offered by Service Academy Admission offices provided the candidate is qualified academically, physically (as measured by the Candidate Fitness Exam), and medically (through DODMERB) and

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