West Point Admissions

Blogs related to West Point Admissions. The overall admissions process is broken down into 8 steps.  These blogs attempt to shed some light on the whole process and go into detail to help you achieve your goal of attending West Point!

Step 1: Do you meet the basic requirements?
Step 2: State a File at West Point
Step 3: Apply for a Nomination
Step 4: Complete USMA forms
Step 5: Obtain a Nomination
Step 6: Complete Testing
Step 7: Await Evaluation of Whole Candidate Score
Step 8: Receive Admission

West Point Case Study: Strategic Decisions

Candidate Wilson earned a West Point appointment, in our opinion, against the odds. His story is one of transformation, perseverance, and strategic decision-making.  Diagnosed with ADHD in his freshman year and struggling with poor grades, Wilson’s future at a

West Point Jobs After Graduation

Choosing a military academy like West Point is a significant decision for high school students and their families. It requires a clear understanding of the various job assignments available upon graduation, and knowing your preferred branch even before beginning the

What is the Service Academy Whole Person Concept?

What is the Whole Person Concept? The Whole Person Concept is a holistic approach to evaluating candidates for Service Academy appointments. It means that admission committees take into consideration not just a candidate's academic achievements and physical abilities, but also

The West Point Letter of Encouragement

What is a Letter of Encouragement? A West Point Letter of Encouragement (LOE) is a communication from the West Point admissions office to a candidate stating that they are competitive for admission. West Points sends LOEs to highly qualified

How to Earn a Service Academy Letter of Assurance

What is a Letter of Assurance? A Letter of Assurance (LOA) is a conditional appointment offered by Service Academy Admission offices provided the candidate is qualified academically, physically (as measured by the Candidate Fitness Exam), and medically (through DODMERB) and

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