The United States Naval Academy is one of the most esteemed institutions of higher education in the country, offering unparalleled academic programs and military training for students who aspire to serve their country as Navy or Marine Corps officers. This institution is designed to develop midshipmen morally, academically, athletically, and into true leaders.

However, the admissions process can be competitive and overwhelming, with thousands of young men and women vying for a limited number of spots. That’s why we’re excited to announce the release of our latest in our Service Academy books, our updated Naval Academy book, Naval Academy Admissions Secrets: A Complete Guide to Earning an Appointment – The Whole Person Multiple Score.

What’s Inside Our Naval Academy Book?

Our comprehensive guide covers all aspects of the very involved application process process, breaking down what you can do to increase your chances of earning an appointment. This is a Naval Academy candidate book to help you prepare how to get an appointment.

This book is designed to help you present yourself as a competitive candidate and does not discuss Plebe summer, or Academy life, once a student becomes a midshipman. We recommend talking to current midshipmen or recent Naval Academy graduates to get a sense of what Academy life is like. Even talking with Naval officers is a great place to start, regardless of commissioning source.

Naval Academy Candidate Book

We go behind the scenes, discussing what future Navy and Marine Corps officers can do now to ensure they excel when their admissions package reaches the USNA admissions board during the fall of their senior year of high school.

While this book is geared toward students who will graduate from high school in 2024, who will make up the class of 2028, we encourage students and parents in all grades, from middle school on up, to learn what it takes to be a strong candidate.

After all, preparation for the Naval Academy begins Freshman year of high school according to USNA admissions, but in reality the foundation for success is laid well before that!

The Whole Person Multiple Score

The Naval Academy evaluates candidates using the Whole Person Multiple Score (WPMS). This score is calculated based on a combination of academic performance, leadership experience, physical fitness, and character. Our book provides a step-by-step guide on how to calculate your own WPM and thus gives candidates insight on steps you can take now to improve it and increase your odds of earning an appointment.

Academic Excellence

Academic excellence is an essential aspect of the Naval Academy admissions process. Our book discusses the importance of taking rigorous courses, performing well academically, and preparing for standardized tests, such as the SAT or ACT. We also provide tips for writing a compelling personal statement and securing letters of recommendation.

Leadership and Character

The Naval Academy is seeking candidates who possess exceptional leadership skills and high moral character. Our book offers advice on how to develop leadership abilities and character traits through participation in extracurricular activities, volunteer work, and part-time jobs. We also discuss what your Blue and Gold Officer (BGO) is looking for in your candidacy, along with a complete breakdown of the Congressional nomination process.

Physical Fitness

Physical fitness is another critical component of the Naval Academy admissions process. We provide information on the physical fitness test and how you can evaluate yourself to see what your current score is within this Naval Academy candidate book. We provide the baseline to prepare you for what you must do now to ensure you’re successful during the application phase. It’s never too early to start preparing for military performance, especially when it comes to fitness.

Geographic Considerations in Naval Academy Admissions

Geographic location can also play a significant role in a student’s level of competition. The Academy is highly selective and receives thousands of applications from across the country each year. As a result, students from certain areas may face more competition than others.

Our book compares states and teaches you how your district impacts appointment chances. For example, students from highly populated areas, such as California or New York, may have more competition due to the sheer number of applicants from those areas. On the other hand, students from less populated areas may face less competition. We explain this in detail and how this impacts your chance of selection (based on the nomination method your local Congressional Representative uses).

After all is said and done, it all comes down to your Whole Person Multiple, so maximizing this factor is the most important thing you can to do improve your odds of earning a Naval Academy appointment.

Learning about the Naval Academy

In our how to get into the Naval Academy book, we cover 10 steps to expect as you prepare mentally to start the application process and become a candidate. We recommend getting the Naval Academy experience by taking full advantage of Summer STEM and Summer Seminar.

Our Naval Academy admissions book is an excellent resource for anyone who wants to increase their chances of earning an appointment.

You can purchase a digital copy of the book here or a physical copy through Amazon.

We hope this book helps you on your path to becoming a Navy or Marine Corps Officer and commend you on your journey to naval service!

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Former Air Force Captain Trisha Dach served as an Intelligence Officer from 2011-2018. A graduate of the Air Force Academy, Trisha has helped hundreds of candidates earn a service academy appointment or ROTC scholarships, with over a 90% success rate with clients. Click here to learn more about Captain Dach.

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