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Are you interested in attending one of our nation’s Service Academies but also want to become a lawyer? This post is for you!

The bad news is that there is no direct route to going straight to law school after you graduate from a Service Academy. A better option for consideration is to attend a ROTC program and go straight to law school upon graduation. Read our post on how to attend law school out of ROTC from our sister site, ROTC Consulting. Note that these options exist primarily for the Army and Air Force. 

If your desire is to go straight to law school right after, a Service Academy is not the right answer for you. 

That being said, serving several years as an Officer in the military is a great chance to gain leadership and life experience unlike anything else. You do have the option to take legal studies at all three of the main Service Academies, but most lawyers who graduated from a SA and became a lawyer discuss that most degrees from a Service Academy will help you get into law school. 

Alternative Routes to Law School from a Service Academy

Many lawyers serve the 5-year commitment and then attend law school. Some lucky military officers take advantage of several programs in the military to attend and become a JAG. Those programs are listed below. 

Each service has a Funded Legal Education Program, or FLEP. You must have two to six years of active duty service and be an O-3 or below the day you begin law school. These programs are also extremely competitive.

That means a minimum of two years of service before you can attend law school.

If selected for FLEP, you will receive full military pay and allowances and have tuition paid for by your branch of service. 

Another opportunity is the Excess Leave Program, or ELP. The branch of service offers you the ability to separate to attend law school. Unlike FLEP, you won’t receive active duty pay or tuition. 

You can read more about the individual service’s FLEP programs below:

We know you may be disappointed there is no direct entry from a Service Academy into law school, but we hope this post was helpful and wish you the best of luck as you decide to serve in the Armed Forces as a lawyer.

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