The 3-Step Gain Service Academy Admission Process

Step #1: Schedule 1-hour strategy session phone or video call for your student

Schedule an initial consultation with us to go over the entire process and build a strategy for your student’s application process, based on your student’s interests, objectives, and goals. We’ll answer any questions about the Service Academy Admissions Process. The $300 consultation fee can be applied to any of our consulting services. Make your phone or video call appointment here:

Step #2: Choose your level of service

Online Course


  • How to get into the Service Academy of your choice
  • Step-by-step course
  • Immediate access forever
  • Self-paced
  • 10 modules with workbooks to help you ace the application
  • Access updates and new content
  • Bonus ebook included
  • Bonus premium podcast


Register for the Course

Interview Preparation

  • Video Conference interview preparation
  • Includes both Congressional and Service interviews


Purchase Interview Prep

Essay and Letter of Recommendation Preparation

  • Expert guidance on writing samples
  • Includes Essays and Letter of Recommendation preparation


Purchase Interview Prep

Full-Service Coaching

  • Service Academy application guidance and review
  • Coordinated visit to shadow junior officer
  • Medical DODMERB advising
  • Interview preparation
  • Essay and Letter of Recommendation preparation
  • Online course included!
  • Free book included!


Purchase Full-Service Coaching

Step #3: Start the process and gain an Academy admission!

Still have questions? Keep reading…

Generally, the Service Academy application window opens online in January for high school juniors.  You should contact us sometime between the fall of your junior year and between your junior and senior year.

Our consulting services are helpful in a number of ways. Clients state that the interview preparation via video conferencing and essay review are the two most important services we provide outside of the books.

We help with all areas of the application. Maximizing the point totals, advising whether to retake standardized tests, help with any psychological testing, general medical questions, and connecting the applicant with currently serving officers to learn more about life as a cadet/midshipman and future officer

We limit ourselves to 20 clients per year so we can properly attend to each applicant.

Yes! We have a sister website: and are the authors of the popular “Insider Guides” for ROTC scholarships which you can find on Amazon.

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