Service Academy Consulting Services

Comprehensive, personalized, and ongoing Service Academy admissions guidance to help you craft a stand-out application to earn an appointment to the Service Academy of your choice.

Our Innovative Approach to Service Academy Consulting

The process to earn an appointment to a Service Academy isn’t straightforward. Our goal is to simplify the process while teaching students actionable steps to take to increase their odds of earning an appointment.

Serving in the military as an officer and leader is a selfless act of service. While young men and women graduate the Service Academies debt free, the commitment to serve and lead in our nation’s military is not to be taken lightly.

With competition continuing to increase, it’s never been more essential for families and students to understand the strategic steps to take that give them a competitive edge. We can help.

Our students have earned appointments to all 5 Service Academies:

Our students have earned appointments to all 5 Service Academies:

Comprehensive Admissions Guidance

  • 1:1 Strategy Planning
  • Timeline Guidance and Management
  • Congressional Nomination Guidance
  • Interview Preparation
  • Intensive Essay Development
  • Extracurricular and Resume Development
  • Teacher Recommendations
  • Officer Mentorship
  • DoDMERB Medical Guidance
  • Candidate Fitness Assessment Support


students we’ve helped earn appointments to all five Service Academies


get into at least one Service Academy


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Our Team

Together with a combined total of over 25 years of experience, the Gain Service Academy Admission team is dedicated to helping you learn how to earn an appointment. We’ve been in your shoes, and now we’re here to mentor, teach, and coach you through the entire process. Learn more about us here.

LTC Robert Kirkland

West Point Graduate & Instructor

Class of 1988

Photo of Trisha Penrod

Trisha Dach

Air Force Academy

Class of 2011

Col Lee Reynolds

Former Army ROTC Commander

Breaking Down Our Approach

1:1 Strategy Planning

After years of research and experience helping students earn appointments, we know what the Service Academies are looking for.

We help you understand how Service Academy appointments work and what you can do to strengthen your application based on the “Scholar, Athlete, Leader” model. Each Service Academy weighs unique aspects of your application differently.

Timeline Guidance and Management

We are here to help you manage the many requirements and make sure nothing is overlooked. Based on your specific situation, there may be advantages to submitting or waiting to submit specific aspects of your application.

Congressional Nomination Guidance

In order to obtain an appointment, you need a nomination. We assist your student identify their best options for nominations, provide an analysis of your Congressional district, and help you communicate effectively with your Members of Congress.

Our team crafts a strategy unique to your district while helping you complete all nomination applications.

Interview Preparation

How do you prepare for a military interview without military experience?

Your coach will walk you through all possible questions, undertaking mock interviews and showing you how to use your unique story to connect to the military ethos. We coach students for both liaison officer interviews and Congressional nomination panels.

Intensive Essay Development

Essays are your chance to tell your unique story while demonstrating the qualities Service Academies desire in leaders: grit, determination, resilience, and a desire to serve.

We will help you craft your essays all the way from brainstorming to your final draft.


Extracurricular and Resume Development

Your resume is your chance to demonstrate leadership potential. Accurately explaining the impact you made in each activity will help demonstrate future officer potential.

We help you craft a resume that provides a realistic portrayal of all your scholastic, athletic, and leadership qualities.

Teacher Evaluations and Recommendations

We help you identify teachers and other adults in your student’s life to approach for recommendations and help them format the letters to showcase your character and leadership potential.