The West Point Acceptance Rate you See Most Places is Too Low

Have you been dreaming of attending West Point your whole life? Regardless of whether or not this is a recent goal for you, when you look at the application process the acceptance rate can seem overwhelming. Fear not! Although most statistics reveal that the acceptance rate falls anywhere from 9-11%, let’s break this down to help you understand how competitive you truly are. 

Why the West Point Acceptance Rate is NOT Accurate

The West Point Acceptance Rate originates from the total number of applicants that start files with the West Point Admissions team. This doesn’t include qualified candidates, only students who are interested in attending. They haven’t received a congressional nomination yet or gone through any of the admissions processes. From a recent class profile, this totals 12,294.

Since only 1,210 were admitted, this leads the public to believe that the admissions rate was 9.8%.

In reality, only 2,228 were qualified academically and in physical aptitude according to the admissions team. This results in a much higher acceptance rate of 54% if you are qualified

By no means are we undermining the accomplishments of West Point cadets. The motivation and drive that are required to attend any service academy is a feat to be proud of! 

Our goal is to help you understand the benefit of focusing on your own academic and extracurricular accomplishments instead of focusing on an acceptance rate. 

Am I qualified to Attend West Point?

West Point Admissions looks at the whole-person concept when considering admission for future candidates. Although academics are the most important, leadership and physical ability are also considered. In order to determine if you are qualified for West Point, take into account. The following criteria are just a snapshot of a competitive candidate for West Point Admissions. If you don’t meet any of these criteria, do not lose hope that admission is out of the question for you. You may just have to work harder in other areas. 

  • You’ve achieved SAT scores above a 1200 composite or ACT scores above 29 composite
  • You are ranked in the top 1/5th of your High School class
  • You are active in extracurricular activities and/or have lettered in a varsity sport

Just because you do meet the above criteria does not automatically guarantee admission. Securing a congressional nomination as well as acing your Field Force Representative interview are both critical, to name a few.

How to Improve your Chances of Acceptance

The Admissions Team is all about potential. Doing well academically is one of the main indicators of success at West Point.  The Admissions Team understands that the West Poing curriculum is largely based on engineering, science, and math and wants cadets to succeed. Therefore ensuring you have an academic record of excellence is a great way to improve your chances of admittance. Read our article on required SAT and ACT test scores, as this is one of the largest admissions factors within your control.

You can also participate in extracurricular activities including sports, and demonstrate leadership potential when able. Taking on a leadership role or stepping into the position of team captain indicates leadership capability and the willingness to take on challenges.

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