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West Point Admissions Calculator – What Are Your Chances?

Interested in applying to West Point? The West Point admissions board uses a scoring process known as the “Whole Candidate Score” to determine which candidates receive an appointment. Enter your information to find out your Whole Candidate Score and how competitive you are.

Read our guide on How to Get Into West Point for more information on the application process.

How to Use the West Point Admissions Calculator

Plug in your information

  • SAT or ACT scores
  • Find out your high school class rank
  • Provide high school sports participation
  • Provide high school extracurricular participation
  • Use our CFA calculator to calculate your fitness test score

How to Read Your Score Results

Our West Point admissions score calculator is meant to be used as a tool to help you determine your level of competitiveness. The score provided is an estimate and should be treated as such. We estimate that the percentile error is +/-2%.

This West Point Admissions Calculator gives you a score out of 8000, as this is how West Point admissions calculates the Whole Candidate Score. The percentile provided is based off of a recently admitted West Point class.

The margins are fairly small to move up in admitted candidate rankings. Adding 12 points moves the candidate up 1%. Adding 120 points is a 10% jump. For reference, a 100-point increase in SAT Math, for example, equates to approximately 200 WCS points. For the verbal section, a 100-point jump increases the candidate’s WCS points by 150.

The following chart shows that SAT/ACT Math/Science is the single most important factor to your admission. Focusing on improving that category, if able, will have the largest impact on your admission.

West Point Whole Candidate Score Category Breakdown Graph
750 points
750 points
1380 points
1380 points
Whole Candidate Score:
Whole Candidate Score Percentile:

How to Prepare for your Application

Want to maximize your potential of earning a West Point appointment?

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